Lightpainting Portraits 

To create more interesting vibrant Lightpainting images i try to introduce a "Life" factor. We all know that if we see an image with person its a million times more interesting than any image without. This actually adds complexity and difficulty since people or animals are no rocks. People always move and its very challenging since all these photos are long exposures. The shortest lightpainting photos are a view seconds (3-5 sometimes 60sec). If a performance takes longer i had exposures up to 400sec. Even more extreem was a joint effort with many other lightpainters we had 20min exposure time.


Contact me if you have interest in a shooting.

The following Gallery shows you a number of examples of fiber optic used for portraits. At the moment i do quiet a lot of those. I just love the tool because its really simple to use and i want to explore all whats possible with it.

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