Well i do seperate it into a view categories for you to get similar results according to your interest.

Moving Lights through the darkness - sometimes called LAPP (LightArtPerformancePhotography). So i build myself a light tool made of some flashlights or fireworks and then i move around during the exposure.

The Lightpainting in the gallery below is meant to give a scene are more dramatic appearance. Since lightpainting with flashlight’s and toooo many colors is a matter of taste i suppose this category usually gets the broadest expectance. Here you really see the scene only enhanced it by setting some extra lights. 

I actually love to spin some Steel Wool  for its great effect. The following photos show some spots where I thought it adds some drama to the scene. I do know that this is not everyone’s favorite but also know there is an entire movement doing steel wool all over the place .. … I am not that found of it but I still do enjoy the effect!   8)

Another field of interest is the application of a Camera Rotation device. In that case i rotate the camera a view times during the ecposure.

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