Here i will share some Tutorials that show you some inside

I got lots of requests on "how i use the fiber optic  brushes" for portraits.

For you i created an entire page dedicated for it and here a tutorial to learn to do your own.


Go to: Fiber Optics Portraits



Here is my opinion on all the different flashlights out there. I own more than 20 flashlights for different reasons. In the following 10min i explain how i use the different flashlights - little bit of how and why.


This is a short tutorial video on what kind of tubes and how i use them for Lightpainting - SOME advice and tips

if you look for the special plexi google the following term: EndLighten acrylic


see the pictures below: these are some examples of tubes in action.

So when you work inside all it takes is a black corner and the camera... and this and that ...

and little bit of here and there ... the table can look very quickly very busy

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