Here i will share some Tutorials that show you some inside


Well just as with some other videos i created this one is based on some requests towards: How did you do it?

Here i describe and show the way i did my Lightpaintings on White Background. Its not very complicated actually. Please try it yourself and show off your results please.



Merry X-Mas to all of you. Here is how i made this X-Mas Robo Special.

I have done something similar before - but this year i show you how its done the easy way .. when you get older and you can move your arms so easy like Eric Pare cant hold the tubes anymore - or Pala Teth is afraid to hold the fire works in his hand .. you still draw by hand but the robot is doing the dangerous work and the heavy lifting ;-) never gets tired ... yes i say get a lightpainting robot before you cant lightpaint nomore!



Very proud iam actually of the Cover of the Kite Magazine Germany issue November / December 2017


At the end of April 2017, I joined the #Woodboardfamily on a trip to Hamata because of the weather conditions and the possibility of trade winds at night. We decided to do late night Lightpainting feat. KiteSurfingat the Red Sea.


Here is the "Story Behind" where i explain how we created thes pictures.


I got lots of requests on "how i use the fiber optic  brushes" for portraits.

For you i created an entire page dedicated for it and here a tutorial to learn to do your own.


Go to: Fiber Optics Portraits



Here is my opinion on all the different flashlights out there. I own more than 20 flashlights for different reasons. In the following 10min i explain how i use the different flashlights - little bit of how and why.


This is a short tutorial video on what kind of tubes and how i use them for Light Painting - SOME advice and tips

if you look for the special plexi google the following term: EndLighten acrylic


see the pictures below: these are some examples of tubes in action.

So when you work inside all it takes is a black corner and the camera... and this and that ...

and little bit of here and there ... the table can look very quickly very busy

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