Light Painting

Since about 2008 i got into Light Painting. It is most chanlenging and gives enough creative room for an engineer and the child in me who loves technology and of course colors !!!


Here you will see pictures that are usually (unless i note it explicitly) a single exposure showing moving lights without any serious editing - at the most i remove pixel errors, crop or rework the white balance when the AWB got confused. That sometimes happends when i start with the lights that are not helpful for the AWB. 

You'll also you see long exposures where i use Flashlights to create a more dramatic light sets. So thats without me drawing wild light trails in the air.


Here you see one of my first lightpaintings ever. Its a small temple near my home town Neubrandenburg. With the help of my best friend Sirko we lit it up with hour mobile phones. 


You can also get to know me through this little interview from September 2017 down below:

As i am also an acting member of the Aurora Movement, if you like visit our pages and plattforms and see our conjoint work as well. Together with Mafu and Buschi i usually take on the more complex shootings and also offer Lightpainting Photo-boxes and workshops if you like so!
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