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Welcome to my page. I am Gunnar Heilmann and this page is dedicated to my passion. Photography drives me for many many years and here is where i can share with you what i do.


Light Painting Photography
Landscape and Nature Photography
Cityscape and Architecture

I do use social media and various different photography plattforms, so if you like to
follow my work in a quicker flow you can:


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This is what it can look like when i travel (with) Light).

Always on the look out for a new country to visit - new areas to explore -

finding the coolest spots to do some Light Painting.

If you like to find some cool locations i have been, feel free to see my Locationsout profile. Here i share information about the spots and if needed some extra info on how to get there and what to look out for, to get the best picture. I did not publish all the spots i have been to, but hopefully some interesting ones you may like.

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