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Photography drives me for many years in this channel I share the backstage, the process, trips, inspirations and techniques of my work.


Mostly focussed on lightpainting, My photographic works comprises nature, animals, people, architecture and the combination with long exposure night photography.


Follow here for upcoming tutorials on light painting, light art, long exposures and creative photography in general. Take part in the adventure travels around the world and let me show you remote locations, introduce you to the people I meet along the way and steps iinto creating whimsical drawing with light.


Light Painting Photography
Landscape and Nature Photography
Cityscape and Architecture

For those of you that can order from Amazon Germany. Here re some links to calenders i offer.

I do use social media and various different photography plattforms, so if you like to
follow my work in a quicker flow you can:


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If you want to find out more about the universe of Light Painting go to LightPaintingBlog and you'll find lot of featured artists and their story, you'll find tests for flashlights and tips and tricks to build your own light tools.

This is what it can look like when i travel (with) Light.

Always on the look out for a new country to visit - new areas to explore -

finding the coolest spots to do some Light Painting.

If you like to find some cool locations i have been, feel free to see my Locationsout profile. Here i share information about the spots and if needed some extra info on how to get there and what to look out for, to get the best picture. I did not publish all the spots i have been to, but hopefully some interesting ones you may like.

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